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· Singer · Actress · Voice Over Artist · 

    A stage name, it is not.  I was born to wonderful parents who failed to predict the playground chants of, “What’s your middle name, a meat???”  And though I cried at first, I soon realized that all that extra attention wasn’t so terrible after all. 


     I was six when I performed on stage for the first time.  It was such a thrill to be in the chorus that I began stealing lines from other children . . . it only seemed fair. . . 


     That same year I was cast in a movie along with my favorite teddy bear, Favorite Teddy, who’d been maimed some years earlier in an incident involving an extreme amount of diaper cream.  I played the role of a neglected child and was instructed not to bathe for a week.  This method acting was almost as exciting as the Nintendo I later bought with my earnings. 


      Throughout grade school I toured with a children’s theater company.  I’d never felt like more of a celebrity despite the fact that I was contractually required to sign autographs as “Jingle the Elf” and “Barbara Bunny”. 


     In high school I played softball—right field as a sixth inning replacement.  I also sang All-State choir.  My talents were clear. 


     I began my higher education at the University of Miami and then transferred to Ithaca College where I completed my BFA in Musical Theatre.  I acted, danced, sang, and became so immersed in “the craft” that one evening I found myself loudly arguing with a good friend over an actor’s intention in the lobby of an Off-Broadway theatre.  The subject himself, (who is now a famous film star), couldn’t have been more amused as he passed us on his way out.


     Here in New York City, I’ve continued to perform, from readings (once as a Philistine) to Off-Broadway (as a Jewish Immigrant), to recordings (once as a nun).  More recently, I’ve developed a love for voice overs.  I’ve taken improv classes at Upright Citizen’s Brigade and studied with Peter Rofe.  It’s not a bad feeling to be preparing a snack in the kitchen and to hear your own voice coming from the television in the next room. 


     Through it all, my unusual name has helped me stand out.  Just the other day a producer admitted as much. Being from Nebraska, he told me he just had to ask whether "Corn" was actually on my birth certificate.  “Yes,” I proudly answered, “It certainly is.”




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